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In July 2015, Sarah Fontaine and Katie Fox came across an article in The Atlantic describing the results of a 2015 Yale University study on an often overlooked issue facing families in the United States, inadequate access to clean diapers. Being moms of babies under the age of one, Katie and Sarah could not imagine dealing with the stress of not having clean diapers for their little ones and felt called into action to help meet this need in their community. Originally they planned to coordinate with a local organization and host a diaper drive. But, after doing some research on community programs, it was immediately clear that the need for clean diapers in Butte County was great and not adequately being met. Just like that, the idea for Butte Diaper Bank was born.

The only "diaper bank" in the area was through a local nonprofit, the Shalom Free Clinic. But at the same time Butte Diaper Bank came into being, the Shalom Free Clinic closed its thrift store location and with it their ability to distribute diapers. Once the Shalom Free Clinic got wind of Butte Diaper Bank, they not only endorsed our efforts, but also donated their entire inventory of diapers to Butte Diaper Bank to be distributed to those experiencing need.

After months spent establishing ourselves, creating an all volunteer Organizing Committee to run the day to day operations,  applying for and receiving grant money, and hosting our first major diaper drive and fundraiser, Butte Diaper Bank made its first official diaper distribution in December 2015.

In July, 2018 Butte Diaper Bank became a program under Fontaine Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

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