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Volunteers Packing Food


Diaper Need is the lack of sufficient clean diapers to keep a baby, child, or adult, clean, dry, and healthy. For more information, Click Here

How many people are affected by diaper need in the U.S.?
1 in 3 or 33% of American families reports experiencing diaper need each year. In Butte County, the child poverty rate is 25.2%, which is higher than the California (23.3%) and U.S. (22%) child poverty rates, meaning more of our children are likely not have their diapering needs met.

What about adult diaper need?
There are about 25 million adults who suffer from some form of incontinence in the U.S. and adult diapers cost about $40 for 50 diapers. Retired adults living on a fixed Social Security income (without retirement savings) receive an average of about $1,230 per month or about $14,700 per year. This means that 3% of their monthly income is going toward just 50 diapers, which is not even enough to make it through the month. For more information, Click Here

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